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So much for planning – I had planned to post something here yesterday, but things happened. More specifically: a root canal happened. I had woken up with some dull kind of a toothache on Monday, which was solidly in the … Continue reading

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Here are a few things for the German readers among you – with one bonus English article, so I’ll start with that one: A woman from a medieval monastery close to Paderborn has been identified as a scribe through blue … Continue reading

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You know about that thing about shoes that women are supposed to have? As in buy a lot of them? Happily this is not the only thing that defines gender, or I’d be very, very male indeed. (My shoes have … Continue reading

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Do you know that feeling that the plan of the year slowly emerges out of fog and nothingness? January and February are the two months when plans are made and dates are fixed, and the calendar becomes spattered and sprinkled … Continue reading

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I’m back home from the event, which was a truckload of fun, a wild mixture of all sorts of weather (we had a bad storm though we were spared the walnut-sized hailstones that came down a few kilometres away), and … Continue reading

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Somehow, these last few months have been more crazy and subjectively much shorter than they should have been. Life is, somehow, crazy – even though there is not that much going on (or at least that’s what I tell myself). … Continue reading

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I’m back, the car is (mostly) unpacked, and we even managed to get everything loaded into the car dry(ish) so there’s little residual work apart from the usual checking, cleaning, and storing away again. This year’s event was sort of … Continue reading

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