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One of the fun-not-fun things I get to do every year, at the start of the year, is do my car cost calculations for the tax stuff. The car we have (which stands in the garage most of the time) … Continue reading

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Today is earmarked for finally, finally sitting down and getting the book-keeping up to date. Tax day is coming up, and I’m woefully behind with the keeping of the bureaucratic side of things, so it’s paying bills today, marking bills … Continue reading

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I’m back, and now there’s the usual things that need to be done after an event which included the shop going for a little travel: Putting everything back into place, for one thing, and re-filling stuff, plus re-ordering, in some … Continue reading

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So… I’ve covered the explanations, and the hunt for words – that is one of the challenges when teaching, and it relates to the mind part of the task, the understanding only. The things I am teaching, though, are crafts. … Continue reading

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Just to bring yesterday’s thoughts to a close with a little story about how differently people think, here’s what happened many years ago at my birthday party. We were all sitting in the living room back in our old apartment, … Continue reading

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I’m back home after a truly wonderful weekend – I think I had as much fun teaching my weavers as they had with the tablet weaving! As always, what makes part of the fascination I have with teaching is how … Continue reading

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Recently (as in “in the last few months”), while exploring new techniques and learning things and doing pattern weaving as well as teaching stuff, it occurred to me how much I mantra-mutter to myself when I am learning, or doing … Continue reading

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