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In 2017, Anja got together with me to organise a weekend meet-up for sewing, chatting, and having some workshops with me, called “Historisches Nähtreffen”, and that was such a success that we decided to do it again. So we asked … Continue reading

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I’ve started packing in earnest, and preparing all the things to take along to the Forum, so there’s a nice heap of stuff accumulating. Including some books, of course, and lots and lots of materials, and mails are getting written … Continue reading

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So… the computer is sort of back to normal, the internet issue has been resolved. There’s something deep in the innards of windows called “winsock catalogue”, and if that catalogue somehow becomes faulty, the connection does not work anymore. Fortunately … Continue reading

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I like modern tech. I am very, very fond of my little computer, and I’m even more fond of its connection to the Internet, source of all things imaginable. Plus email, of course. So I was a very unhappy little … Continue reading

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…now I’m a Bee-Weaver… This thing gave me an ear-worm. A slightly, hum, changed one… as now I am a bee-weaver, having woven a bee. Or something that should look more or less like one. (Thanks for the prompt, Christa!) … Continue reading

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I’m still weaving, and still figuring out details, and trying to find the best sequence for explaining all the things. It’s all sort of interwoven – the structure of the band, the sequence of actions, the technique, what you are … Continue reading

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Like every summer, I am taking a break from doing the things I love but that are still work – so there will be no sending out of orders from the online shop , and there will be no blogging … Continue reading

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